Partition Recovery

 Partition Recovery software to recover lost data from formatted and reformatted Partition.

Partition Recovery Tool

Partition Recovery software comprehensively recovers corrupt, damaged, or inaccessible data from Windows  OS having FAT and NTFS partitions. It successfully recovers data lost due to formatting or reformatting, deletion, and damage of  partitions, which lead to files lose and inaccessibility of valuable files and folders. XP Partition Recovery is an award winning Partition Recovery software developed for handling data lose and corruption issues related to Windows partitions.

XP Partition Recovery
Starting at $49

Features of Partition Recovery Software  –

Successfully recovers data from formatted and reformatted XP partitions.
Recovers deleted files & folders and deleted or lost XP partitions.
Empowered by three data recovery modes: Quick scan, Extensive scan and File trace.
Allows you to save Snapshot and Load Snapshot options for further use.
Included with various advanced options to help you while recovering data from XP partitions.
Allows you to preview before saving the recovered files and folders.
Available with free trial version to evaluate performance before purchasing.

XP Partition Recovery software is advanced data recovery software which is used for searching and retrieving corrupted, deleted, damaged partitions, files and folders from Windows XP partitions.

Recovery from formatted and reformatted Partitions :

It proficiently recovers data when the disk partition has been formatted with different file system types or with different parameters.

Recovers corrupted  files and folders :

By using this tool, you can recover corrupted and permanently deleted files and folders easily and they are displayed in RED color for easy identification.

Recovers deleted or lost partitions :

XP Partition recovery tool scans and searches for deleted or lost XP partitions and retrieves data from them.

Three scanning modes :

Quick scan, extensive scan and file trace mode. Quick scan mode is fastest data recovery mode that helps users to perform quick recovery recently deleted data from damaged MTF, bad sectors and corrupted index. Extensive scan is slower than the Quick Scan mode but recovers all files and folders lost due to hard disk formatting, deletion of hard disk partitions, and recreation of hard disk partitions. File trace is the slowest mode but recovers by scanning hard disk drive sector-wise to recover maximum data.

Save Snapshot and Load Snapshot options :

It facilitates you to save recovery snapshot of the scanning information of the selected partition which can be used for further.

Search file option :

The search files option helps you to quickly find or locates a particular file among thousands of recovered files and folders.

See preview of data before saving :

This XP partition recovery software shows the preview of recovered files and folders in a tree like structure before saving at the desired location.

Supports :

The software supports FAT16, FAT32, NTFS, EXFAT and NTFS5 file systems and IDE, EIDE, SCSI, SATA, PAN, ZIP, and USB drives for recovery.

Free Demo Version :

Before purchasing full version, you can try free trial version and evaluate its actual performance.

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